UNDER CONSTRUCTION-   More to come soon.

This page will contain my work with using body casting sculpture as a process in healing. I will share the work of:

"To Cherish Our Bodies" 

                 This is a workshop that is offered to many different groups including: women who are dealing with breast cancer, at risk teens, and the general population of both women and men. They often take the form of a breast plate.

"Mask Making"

                  This process involves creating a casting directly from one's face. It is then decorated and completed in a manner that expresses what the individual most needs to see at that point in their lives.  It can be the release of aspects that no longer serve them or the validation of qualities they wish to embrace and embody. This  process is offered to couples, teens at risk, male adolescents recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, parents and children, cancer survivors, indigenous communities, and the general population.